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If still on this side of the fence

Committment is the key, no matter what. I mean, you really want to escape your daily routine, you want to build something new for your future, you have espectations on yourself. No question about that.

But how are you preparing yourself? What can you do today? Well, just do a little bit, just a little step ahead. Dont pressure yourself too much. Write the beginning of that letter – you’ll finish it tomorrow, but at least you have started something. Make that call. You can’t study that book all at once: start with the first page, then.

Ac. It doesnt matter if the goal is still miles away. You can look through your fence now, and see it shining in the distance.


Ghosts dont have no follow attribute

Ghosts follow me on the ceiling wall. No matter how far you drive, some feelings just keep coming back. They knock on the door and you know who it is. You leave them outside your door but they sneak in through the backyard, their evanescence on the ceiling.

Upside down, ghosts blend with a field of lunar poppies. Damn, you’re still there.

lunar poppies yellowsubwoofer
lunar poppies @ yellowsubwoofer

Iron Cream Cake

torta di ferro

…covered with cream and iced sugar decorations, so light they seem to fluctuate in the air (they have their own shadow!).

Low light, low definition, doughy because of the processing, shfted toward the greens to make the live and corruptible iron soul stand out.

…ricoperta di crema, con decorazioni di pasta di zucchero, così leggere che sembrano fluttuare nell’aria (hanno addirittura l’ombra!).

Luce scarsa, definizione pochissima, pastosa perché virata, spostata sui verdi per tirar fuori l’anima viva e corruttibile del ferro.