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If still on this side of the fence

Committment is the key, no matter what. I mean, you really want to escape your daily routine, you want to build something new for your future, you have espectations on yourself. No question about that.

But how are you preparing yourself? What can you do today? Well, just do a little bit, just a little step ahead. Dont pressure yourself too much. Write the beginning of that letter – you’ll finish it tomorrow, but at least you have started something. Make that call. You can’t study that book all at once: start with the first page, then.

Ac. It doesnt matter if the goal is still miles away. You can look through your fence now, and see it shining in the distance.

Chasing chicks, chasing sunset

Just too early at the Parque de las Paloma Southern Spain… sun was still well up in the sky. The animals were still out, kids were chasing and playing around. Nice. Flowers were still red – red as the candy we desperately wanted.

candy flower at yellowsubwoofer