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It’s not hard to break a wall with a spoon

Broken wall @yellowsubwooferWhen I first saw the wall I didn’t recognize it. Then the wall started blocking my view, so I didn’t recognized my world anymore.

All these stereotypes, structured thoughts, brain connections, interpretations. I need to challenge them at one point. All your ideas, and the way we should act, should react. It’s just geometric blocking shapes, we’re trapped in a black square – with all our actions and movements going around and around.

Hard to break a wall when all you have is the power of a spoon, a nail. But then you silently cut through the first brick – and a familiar light comes to you, and the tree you knew so well, with its comforting shade and colors, and that’s all you need. And your spoon is now a hammer, and you won’t stop.

The picture above shows art on a wall inside an abandoned farm in Coin, Andalusia. The  thoughts came after listening to “Country Feedback” by R.E.M.

Iron Cream Cake

torta di ferro

…covered with cream and iced sugar decorations, so light they seem to fluctuate in the air (they have their own shadow!).

Low light, low definition, doughy because of the processing, shfted toward the greens to make the live and corruptible iron soul stand out.

…ricoperta di crema, con decorazioni di pasta di zucchero, così leggere che sembrano fluttuare nell’aria (hanno addirittura l’ombra!).

Luce scarsa, definizione pochissima, pastosa perché virata, spostata sui verdi per tirar fuori l’anima viva e corruttibile del ferro.