It’s not hard to break a wall with a spoon

Broken wall @yellowsubwooferWhen I first saw the wall I didn’t recognize it. Then the wall started blocking my view, so I didn’t recognized my world anymore.

All these stereotypes, structured thoughts, brain connections, interpretations. I need to challenge them at one point. All your ideas, and the way we should act, should react. It’s just geometric blocking shapes, we’re trapped in a black square – with all our actions and movements going around and around.

Hard to break a wall when all you have is the power of a spoon, a nail. But then you silently cut through the first brick – and a familiar light comes to you, and the tree you knew so well, with its comforting shade and colors, and that’s all you need. And your spoon is now a hammer, and you won’t stop.

The picture above shows art on a wall inside an abandoned farm in Coin, Andalusia. The  thoughts came after listening to “Country Feedback” by R.E.M.

Walk unafraid – Like a child on his adventure journey

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a while since I embraced uncertainity and made it an enjoyable path towards what today will bring. I stood up and started walking, instead of sitting still and waiting for tomorrow to come.

I looked at my son, and saw amazing treasures and hidden dreams into the black windows of this old factory. I looked past the building and there was the most amazing Andalusian landscape covering the horizon.

And here we are, with our little Spiderman flashlights – walking unafraid on broken bricks and torn TVs, under the sun. We are not ready to write the whole history – but I believe we can write today.

Note: This amazing abandoned clothing factory lies on a hill, just outside Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga. This was the last picture I took with my iPhone 4S, just a month ago  – before finally switching to the 7S.