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Wandering through empty rooms – The other side of the Costa

I’m just so fascinated by these cathedrals in the desert. The shot was take out in the countryside, just a few Kms away from the Costa del Sol, Southern Spain. This building is part of an abandoned construction site that lies in front of a golf resort.

The eyes of these empty windows stare at the driver passing by like black holes.  The concrete is white against the blue sky. This place was almost finished, maybe the apartments were already sold, maybe not, who knows.

Maybe, it was simply not supposed to be here. Maybe those high walls and balconies were to remain silent. Like the hills around me. Somehow, this place sounds like a cry for help. It’s as if someone has built the concept of loneliness.

I was listening to some song I’ve found on audiomusicsound.com, it was called “Delicate Inflorescence”, and it was all about a gipsy violin, guitar and accordeon, and its poignant melodies.

How many empty rooms do we have inside?

Ghosts dont have no follow attribute

Ghosts follow me on the ceiling wall. No matter how far you drive, some feelings just keep coming back. They knock on the door and you know who it is. You leave them outside your door but they sneak in through the backyard, their evanescence on the ceiling.

Upside down, ghosts blend with a field of lunar poppies. Damn, you’re still there.

lunar poppies yellowsubwoofer
lunar poppies @ yellowsubwoofer

Lights on and dust all over

…like an old fashioned ceiling fan. it’s still working though. Sounds like a tick tock when it moves.

Looking up its like a mystic circle of light, the movement makes its borders blur.

It’s somehow the opposite of a dark hole: this one throws out light, air – and some dust too 🙂

Come le pale di un ventilatore a muro – modello un po’ antiquato ma funzionante. Le pale spazzano via l’aria con un ticchettìo quasi di orologio. Dal basso è un cerchio di luce quasi mistico – il movimento ne rende indistinti i confini. Quasi l’opposto di un buco nero, che sprigiona luce, aria (e materia?…beh, no, al massimo polvere).

Jail and the point of view

I feel paralized by my own point of view. Your view can imprison you. The iron bars are in front of your eyes only, I just keep looking at things from the same small angle perspective.

There is simmetry of thoughts in what blockes us. There is logical thinking builded with precision; and escaping means breaking the balance. We need courage to be able to close our eyes and open them again looking somewhere else.

Mi sento bloccato dal mio punto di vista. La tua visuale ti imprigiona. Le sbarre sono solo davanti ai tuoi occhi, non faccio che guardare le cose dalla stessa prospettiva angusta.

C’è simmetria di pensiero in ciò che ci immobilizza. Ci sono logiche costruite con precisione, dalle quali evadere equivale a rompere l’equilibrio. Ci vuole coraggio per chiudere gli occhi e riaprirli guardando altrove.