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Walk unafraid – Like a child on his adventure journey

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a while since I embraced uncertainity and made it an enjoyable path towards what today will bring. I stood up and started walking, instead of sitting still and waiting for tomorrow to come.

I looked at my son, and saw amazing treasures and hidden dreams into the black windows of this old factory. I looked past the building and there was the most amazing Andalusian landscape covering the horizon.

And here we are, with our little Spiderman flashlights – walking unafraid on broken bricks and torn TVs, under the sun. We are not ready to write the whole history – but I believe we can write today.

Note: This amazing abandoned clothing factory lies on a hill, just outside Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga. This was the last picture I took with my iPhone 4S, just a month ago  – before finally switching to the 7S.

Hypocrisy – what an upsetting behaviour

Hypocrisy. A very interesting word for a extremely upsetting behaviour

You dissembler, cheater, double /false faced, mawworm, chadband, mealy-mouthed.

You hypocrite.

Hypocrisy is not just the lie within the words, it is the lies within the very syntax of the spoken words.

Truth and sincerity are buried, forgotten and denied to keep our status, our point, our distorted version of reality. By doing this the hypocrite wants to submit the opponent, to weaken his/her opinion, truth, personality – mainly for pure convenience.

It is so obvious. Do you think I’m stupid or what?

What an upsetting behaviour – What a waste of brain activity.

Let’s speak the truth please.

double sided window…

Clear ideas and dark ones

Today I havent got a clue – not a single idea. It’s like looking through a chair, just fragments of lights. The light is too low and the definition is poor as well. Unsettling feelings, too many red objects. We need peace. It is best to remain calm now.

Oggi non ho idee, né chiare e né scure. E’ come vedere attraverso una sedia bucata solo frammenti di luce sconnessi.Troppa poca luce, troppo poca la definizione ed il contorno delle cose. Troppo nervosismo e troppi oggetti rossi. C’è bisogno di calma. Meglio sospendere il giudizio, domani vediamo.