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Walk unafraid – Like a child on his adventure journey

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a while since I embraced uncertainity and made it an enjoyable path towards what today will bring. I stood up and started walking, instead of sitting still and waiting for tomorrow to come.

I looked at my son, and saw amazing treasures and hidden dreams into the black windows of this old factory. I looked past the building and there was the most amazing Andalusian landscape covering the horizon.

And here we are, with our little Spiderman flashlights – walking unafraid on broken bricks and torn TVs, under the sun. We are not ready to write the whole history – but I believe we can write today.

Note: This amazing abandoned clothing factory lies on a hill, just outside Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga. This was the last picture I took with my iPhone 4S, just a month ago  – before finally switching to the 7S.

Shadows in the rain – You, yourself and your shadow

“He claims I suffer from delusion
But I’m so confident I’m sane
It can’t be an optical illusion
So how can you explain – Shadows in the rain” (Sting)

Stop. Look the opposite direction. (There’s a fly that’s bothering me)

The past is somehow disturbing sometimes. It tells us everything we should have and not have done. Do we ever change? Memories are in front of our eyes like a time caleidoscope – confused, clear, coloured.

Its not life, it’s our experience of life that give us that very perception of reality. We do change. And It does not necessarily makes us stronger, most times just makes us harder.

You feel like the shadow of yourself.
Do you remember a time were you were like you’d like to be today? I’m sure you can. Try to renew the pact with yourself and the way you want to be.

It’s easier than staring at shadows in the rain. And flies are so annoying today.